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Is your child worth 15 minutes a day?

If your answer is YES, then in as little as 6 months, your child can be getting A’s in school… if you play our simple LEARNING games with them for just 15 minutes a day.

 Want to get help for your child for much less (LIMITED TIME)?

 Become a Beta Tester of Off the Wall Phonics and receive a 50% discount.


From the creator of Keys to Reading Success, an award-winning program used in schools worldwide, we are pleased to announce that you can now help your child at home with our new edition of Off the Wall Phonics. This series of play-to-learn games is guaranteed to improve your child’s reading, grades, test scores and self-esteem in just 15 minutes a day!



Off the Wall Phonics is the fun, easy, proven way to:

  • develop your child’s lifelong learning and reading skills through play and movement
  • reduce family fighting during homework time by making learning fun
  • build your child’s confidence, motivation, and ability to improve reading and learning
  • decrease the time you need to spend helping your children with reading because
    they become independent readers faster
  • improve your child’s memory and comprehension of what they learn
  • increase reading, grades, and test scores
  • give students who are kinesthetic or tactile learners,athletes, students with
    ADHD or ADD, or just kids who like to move a chance to use love of play
    and movement to be great readers and learners

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain when you use Off the Wall Phonics.


Imagine the difference you could make in your child’s life if you could:

  • end the frustration over your child’s struggle to do better in school for both of you
  • end the fighting over your child’s lack of interest in reading, grades, and school work
  • end the feelings of helplessness you feel because you do not know how to help your child read better and improve school grades and test scores.

Your worries are over because now you can when you use Off the Wall Phonics.

Off the Wall Phonics includes:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • 10 Off the Wall Phonics Games per level
  • Pack of Score Cards
  • Winner’s Game Card
  • 10-Game Card
  • Parent-Child Prize Chart Contract
  • Word Lists
  • Stories For Your Child


  • Dozens of additional games and activities for family fun and student learning.


Put an end to your fears and worries over how to help your child learn to read, and raise confidence, grades, reading, and test scores with
Off the Wall Phonics.

Check out these rave reviews from other parents and kids using Off the Wall Phonics:

“With Off the Wall Phonics I went from getting F’s and D’s to A’s and B’s.”
— Jonathan, proud student in the 8th grade, “The games work!”

— Shondra, proud parent of 2nd grader, “In my opinion, Off the Wall Phonics is the perfect solution for mothers and fathers who have not found a way to help their child.  Off the Wall Phonics is the solution to what we were looking for.”

— Lee, proud parent of 9th grader, “I don’t stumble over words anymore and I remember what I read.  My ACT score went up 19 points after using this program.”

— Kelly, proud student in the 11th grade became a BETA TESTER of Off The Wall Phonics and improved her reading comprehension greatly in just 2 lessons!

Get the 1st 2 Game levels valued at 198.99, if you  ORDER NOW for only $49.99

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