Kinesthetic or ADHD?


Has your child been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?  What if your child was a Kinesthetic Learner whose behavior and learning problems were mistakenly diagnosed as ADD or ADHD?

That is what happens a lot when a child doesn’t have a proper learning styles assessment. We deal with this issue a lot and the truth is that any student, or anyone for that matter, can learn and achieve academic success no matter what they are labeled.

As parents you have dreams for your children and when one or more of them are labeled ADD or ADHD your life changes.  Often your dreams also change and they don’t have to. 

Diagnosis is the key.  So many kids are being misdiagnosed as ADHD these days that it’s tragic. 

Learning styles, and reading/comprehension skills (which can be diagnosed and trained easily) are the key to success.  Even if your child has ADD or ADHD, proper diagnosis of learning and reading styles can make more of a difference in his or her achievement than anything else. 

EVERY struggling child should be given proper learning-style and reading-style assessments before anything else is tried.

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