Enroll Your Child Now To Raise His or Her Reading, Comprehension, Study Skills, and Test-taking Skills (for tests at school, high-stakes tests, or the ACT and SAT)

Ricki Linksman, Bestselling author and International Learning Styles Expert has opened a few more slots for qualified students for her elite Accelerated Learning Program

If you and your child are accepted into the class you can expect amazing results.  Accelerated Learning for Kids  will end the frustration and pain of your child’s struggle.

We had a great  progam filled with students of all ages; from elementary school through adult. 

Our students showed dramatic improvement in reading and comprehension within just a couple of weeks.

One elementary student said this, “I can’t believe how much better I am at reading. Now when I go back to school this fall the kids won’t make fun of me.  And, I can’t believe I am reading high school words.  I’m so happy I took this class.”

One of our high school students said this, “I feel very prepared for 11th grade now. Before, I could learn material in class but couldn’t remember it when I would take tests.  Now that I’ve learned how to retain what I am learning using my learning style I feel confident that I will do well this fall in class and on the ACT exam.”

Our Accelerated Learning program can help your child get these same results.

Parents learn revolutionary new brain-based accelerated learning methods to rapidly help their child in reading (phonics, comprehension, study & test-taking skills, & ACT/SAT test prep) in all learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile, & kinesthetic, both left-brain & right-brain learners) for regular ed, gifted, special ed, ADD/ADHD, ELL, or dyslexia.

Act now and enroll quickly to find instant relief. Don’t miss out, as she only takes on a select group of parents and children . Spaces are limited and fill up fast.

Put an end to your frustration and your child’s pain NOW.

We are an end-to-end solution. We take you and your child from diagnosis to academic success in the shortest time possible.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can have an end to end solution specific for your child. 

We respect your privacy. We will not sell or give-away your name and email.

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