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If you are a parent who feels frustrated and helpless as you watch your child struggle with learning or reading, you can […]

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Fill in a ticket HERE to let us know what kind of help you want for your child’s learning AND to […]

It’s  FAST    It’s FUN    It WORKS     Is your child worth 15 minutes a day? If your answer is […]

Kinesthetic or ADHD?

  Has your child been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?  What if your child was a Kinesthetic Learner whose behavior […]

Secrets to Learning Success is the WINNER Of International Podcast Secrets 2008!!!  What’s a podcast?  A podcast is an audio […]

Enroll Your Child Now To Raise His or Her Reading, Comprehension, Study Skills, and Test-taking Skills (for tests at school, high-stakes tests, or […]

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The Fine Line Between ADD/ADHD and Kinesthetic, Tactile and Right Brain Learners

     For years I’ve had parents bring their children to me saying their child has ADD or ADHD and are […]

Accelerated Learning for Kids through Superlinks Learning Styles

Accelerated Learning for Kids through Superlinks Learning Styles Helps Children Quickly Learn to Read, Provides Reading Instruction, and Quickly Solves […]

Want To Help Your Child Succeed in School?

   There is a secret to helping your child succeed in school. In fact that same secret can help your […]