If you are a parent who feels frustrated and helpless as you watch your child struggle with learning or reading, you can get relief now…

Get the Secrets to Help Your Child Go From Struggling to Extreme Excellence Very Quickly.

“We felt helpless when our first grader who had already been left back once for not being able to read still could not read after over 2 years of school and ADHD medication. No words can describe our joy and relief when he could read his first book after only 2 hours of using these secrets. He is now a happy little boy again, reading at grade level, who no longer needs ADHD medication! I recommend Off The Wall Phonics to every parent looking to unleash your child’s excellence.”–R. Acree, Virginia

Feel that same relief and excitement knowing your child is a winning student and can accomplish anything! See a video and read more here about our LIMITED TIME Off The Wall Phonics SPECIAL.

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We Want To Hear From You…

Fill in a ticket HERE to let us know what kind of help you want for your child’s learning AND to receive a FREE telephone consultation from the READING EXPERT Ricki Linksman.

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It’s  FAST    It’s FUN    It WORKS


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Is your child worth 15 minutes a day?

If your answer is YES, then in as little as 6 months, your child can be getting A’s in school… if you play our simple LEARNING games with them for just 15 minutes a day.

 Want to get help for your child for much less (LIMITED TIME)?

 Become a Beta Tester of Off the Wall Phonics and receive a 50% discount.


From the creator of Keys to Reading Success, an award-winning program used in schools worldwide, we are pleased to announce that you can now help your child at home with our new edition of Off the Wall Phonics. This series of play-to-learn games is guaranteed to improve your child’s reading, grades, test scores and self-esteem in just 15 minutes a day!



Off the Wall Phonics is the fun, easy, proven way to:

  • develop your child’s lifelong learning and reading skills through play and movement
  • reduce family fighting during homework time by making learning fun
  • build your child’s confidence, motivation, and ability to improve reading and learning
  • decrease the time you need to spend helping your children with reading because
    they become independent readers faster
  • improve your child’s memory and comprehension of what they learn
  • increase reading, grades, and test scores
  • give students who are kinesthetic or tactile learners,athletes, students with
    ADHD or ADD, or just kids who like to move a chance to use love of play
    and movement to be great readers and learners

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain when you use Off the Wall Phonics.


Imagine the difference you could make in your child’s life if you could:

  • end the frustration over your child’s struggle to do better in school for both of you
  • end the fighting over your child’s lack of interest in reading, grades, and school work
  • end the feelings of helplessness you feel because you do not know how to help your child read better and improve school grades and test scores.

Your worries are over because now you can when you use Off the Wall Phonics.

Off the Wall Phonics includes:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • 10 Off the Wall Phonics Games per level
  • Pack of Score Cards
  • Winner’s Game Card
  • 10-Game Card
  • Parent-Child Prize Chart Contract
  • Word Lists
  • Stories For Your Child


  • Dozens of additional games and activities for family fun and student learning.


Put an end to your fears and worries over how to help your child learn to read, and raise confidence, grades, reading, and test scores with
Off the Wall Phonics.

Check out these rave reviews from other parents and kids using Off the Wall Phonics:

“With Off the Wall Phonics I went from getting F’s and D’s to A’s and B’s.”
— Jonathan, proud student in the 8th grade, “The games work!”

— Shondra, proud parent of 2nd grader, “In my opinion, Off the Wall Phonics is the perfect solution for mothers and fathers who have not found a way to help their child.  Off the Wall Phonics is the solution to what we were looking for.”

— Lee, proud parent of 9th grader, “I don’t stumble over words anymore and I remember what I read.  My ACT score went up 19 points after using this program.”

— Kelly, proud student in the 11th grade became a BETA TESTER of Off The Wall Phonics and improved her reading comprehension greatly in just 2 lessons!

Get the 1st 2 Game levels valued at 198.99, if you  ORDER NOW for only $49.99

Want more information? Contact Us HERE

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Kinesthetic or ADHD?


Has your child been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?  What if your child was a Kinesthetic Learner whose behavior and learning problems were mistakenly diagnosed as ADD or ADHD?

That is what happens a lot when a child doesn’t have a proper learning styles assessment. We deal with this issue a lot and the truth is that any student, or anyone for that matter, can learn and achieve academic success no matter what they are labeled.

As parents you have dreams for your children and when one or more of them are labeled ADD or ADHD your life changes.  Often your dreams also change and they don’t have to. 

Diagnosis is the key.  So many kids are being misdiagnosed as ADHD these days that it’s tragic. 

Learning styles, and reading/comprehension skills (which can be diagnosed and trained easily) are the key to success.  Even if your child has ADD or ADHD, proper diagnosis of learning and reading styles can make more of a difference in his or her achievement than anything else. 

EVERY struggling child should be given proper learning-style and reading-style assessments before anything else is tried.

Click here for a FREE Intro to our new book, The Fine Line between ADHD and Kinesthetic Learners: 197 Kinesthetic Activities to Quickly Improve Reading, Memory, and Learning in Just 10 Weeks: The Ultimate Parent Handbook for ADHD, ADD, and Kinesthetic Learners, by Accelerated Learning and Reading Expert, Ricki Linksman, Director of National Reading Diagnostics Institute and Keys Learning: Find instant relief from the worry and pain of your child’s struggles in school.



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Secrets to Learning Success is the WINNER Of International Podcast Secrets 2008!!! 

What’s a podcast?  A podcast is an audio broadcast that has been converted to an MP3 file or other audio file format for playback in a digital music player (Ipod or MP3 player).

We use podcasts in our accelerated learning programs so students and parents can listen to the lessons anytime or anywhere they want.  No longer do you have to sit on the phone or in front of your computer to accelerate your learning.  Podcasting allows you the flexibility to learn on your own time at your own pace. 

To learn more about our Accelerated Learning Programs CLICK HERE

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Enroll Your Child Now To Raise His or Her Reading, Comprehension, Study Skills, and Test-taking Skills (for tests at school, high-stakes tests, or the ACT and SAT)

Ricki Linksman, Bestselling author and International Learning Styles Expert has opened a few more slots for qualified students for her elite Accelerated Learning Program

If you and your child are accepted into the class you can expect amazing results.  Accelerated Learning for Kids  will end the frustration and pain of your child’s struggle.

We had a great  progam filled with students of all ages; from elementary school through adult. 

Our students showed dramatic improvement in reading and comprehension within just a couple of weeks.

One elementary student said this, “I can’t believe how much better I am at reading. Now when I go back to school this fall the kids won’t make fun of me.  And, I can’t believe I am reading high school words.  I’m so happy I took this class.”

One of our high school students said this, “I feel very prepared for 11th grade now. Before, I could learn material in class but couldn’t remember it when I would take tests.  Now that I’ve learned how to retain what I am learning using my learning style I feel confident that I will do well this fall in class and on the ACT exam.”

Our Accelerated Learning program can help your child get these same results.

Parents learn revolutionary new brain-based accelerated learning methods to rapidly help their child in reading (phonics, comprehension, study & test-taking skills, & ACT/SAT test prep) in all learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile, & kinesthetic, both left-brain & right-brain learners) for regular ed, gifted, special ed, ADD/ADHD, ELL, or dyslexia.

Act now and enroll quickly to find instant relief. Don’t miss out, as she only takes on a select group of parents and children . Spaces are limited and fill up fast.

Put an end to your frustration and your child’s pain NOW.

We are an end-to-end solution. We take you and your child from diagnosis to academic success in the shortest time possible.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can have an end to end solution specific for your child. 

We respect your privacy. We will not sell or give-away your name and email.

“This site, hosted on Word-press, runs articles and advertisments below our postings that are not necesarily ours or not always in keeping with our views 



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Want to find out how you can solve your child’s reading problems? Email: info@keyslearning.com

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The Fine Line Between ADD/ADHD and Kinesthetic, Tactile and Right Brain Learners

     For years I’ve had parents bring their children to me saying their child has ADD or ADHD and are failing in school. Some of these children are on medication but are still failing.  Many of these children are not ADD or ADHD; they are kinesthetic or Tactile right brain learners. After receiving my training, the parents were able to work with their child, and the results were nothing short of amazing!  These children improved 3-5 grade levels in 8 weeks being taught in their learning style and brain hemispheric preference.

  For over 30 years my research has been in the area of accelerated learning using Superlinks (learning styles and brain hemispheric preferences) and differentiated brain-based learning.  One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that all children can succeed in school, no matter what their diagnosis if they are taught according to their own Superlink (learning style and brain hemispheric preference).  

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Accelerated Learning for Kids through Superlinks Learning Styles

Accelerated Learning for Kids through Superlinks Learning Styles Helps Children Quickly Learn to Read, Provides Reading Instruction, and Quickly Solves Learning and Reading Problems in All Subjects

Accelerated Learning for Kids through Superlinks Learning Styles provides teleseminars, ebooks, e-courses, a Superlinks learning style inventory, and training for parents that give rapid solutions to end your frustration when your child is struggling in any school subject.

In the day in the life of your child, he or she has to learn to read whether as a new reader, or reading at college level as required on the ACT or SAT college test, which involves mastery of reading comprehension, phonics or decoding skills, vocabulary, and fluency. Along with that, a child has to learn math and writing, which involves spelling and language arts skills. There are other subjects such as science, social studies, art, music, health, and P.E. Most subjects rely on reading skills.

 If a child of any age, whether in pre-school, kindergarten, or Grades 1-12, or even college,  has difficulty in any of these areas, the child can feel humiliated, or suffer low self-esteem, frustration, and a lack of motivation. Each day that you r child does not get help, the sense of failure spirals and your child falls further behind. This could happen to a child in regular education, gifted, special education, or those diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or dyslexia.

 If a child who falls behind gets help at the same rate as everyone else, that child will still remain behind. One of the secrets to learning success is accelerated learning through using a child’s best and fastest Superlinks learning styles and brain hemispheric preference. By accelerating the rate of improvement, the child can catch up and even move ahead quickly.

 Finding your child’s Superlinks learning style and teaching in the way the child’s brain learns the best and fastest can turn the pain of frustration into the joy of success in the shortest possible time.

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Want To Help Your Child Succeed in School?

   There is a secret to helping your child succeed in school. In fact that same secret can help your child succeed in learning anything quickly from academics to sports to music and even art.  

These secrets apply to children who want to excel above grade level, reach grade level, or improve in any subjecct–whether they are regular education or gifted students who are falling between the cracks, special ed,  those who are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD or who you are not sure whether they have ADHD or are merely kinesthetic or tactile learners, or those who you feel may be dyslexic, but may be only right-brained learners.

   To Access a Free Checklist of Tips to Help Improve Learning    Click here